Your Hiring Mistakes Stop Here.

Sales hiring mistakes are costly. No one can afford them.

A Sales Hiring Mistake will cost $100-$300K for 1 Bad Hire.

We are not recruiters. We have a sales specific hiring process that has a 96% success rate.

We have helped 1,000’s of companies build championship sales teams and we want to teach you how.

Sales Hiring and Recruiting Kompanion (SHARK) is a process by which clients can save time and money while attracting and selecting superior sales talent for their companies.

The process is time tested and proven and when executed according to its design, will help CEO’s, Presidents, Sales VP’s, HR Directors and Sales Managers with the difficult task of understanding exactly how to identify, find, attract, interview, hire and retain top sales talent that will succeed at your company.

The goal of SHARK Training: Hire salespeople that will be effective at selling your company’s products/services despite numerous challenges.

This Sales Hiring System when following the steps will consistently identify those salespeople that will succeed at your company. It is easy to implement, saves time and is cost effective.

Our Sales Hiring and Recruiting Program includes

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We needed a new model; I was tired of reading 60-page DISC assessments of people that can't sell.
Jake Carroll
Osprey Strategic Research
Just conducted my first in -person interview with a copy of the OMG candidate’s assessment in my hand and asked him all the recommended questions. It was so cool to see him making the predicted answers to the questions it recommended to ask. This is such a valuable tool!!
Josh Swanson
Fair Quick Offer
I believe the SHARK system has done a valuable job to date of paring down and qualifying the total submissions to a manageable number.
Mike Valenti
Regional Sales Manager
Rocky LaGrone
Our Sales Development Expert