Mergers and Acquisitions

Anything is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

Mergers and acquisitions are an outstanding and rapid way to grow if you have access to capital. When selling your company you want the greatest valuation and when buying you want the greatest value.

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Overhead is combined, locations are often leveraged, systems are streamlined, and growth with profit exponentially realized immediately. One often overlooked asset is human capital. Sure you want to keep the best for each position and in most departments that is an easy choice. However, the sales department is fuzzy. Looking at just productivity and history leads to disappointment several months later. There are many more important questions that must be answered to give you the intelligence you need to make the best decisions. Questions like:

Sales Force Analysis and Sales Development  are integral and necessary part of your due diligence before engaging in any merger or acquisition. What you don’t know can be costly.

Using our suite of Sales Tools will help to identify how to build your asset in order to gain the highest multiple when selling while also increasing sales efficiency. In addition they can help to assess and develop the existing sales force upon an acquisition.

Remember, Sales Analysis is critical to sales development. Most sales training projects fail to produce a 10X Return On Investment because they don’t identify the correct things up front…which begin with those in depth questions.

Make sure to receive the best evaluation when selling your business OR the greatest value when acquiring another.

We look forward to providing the necessary intelligence you need to make the best decisions in your Merger or Acquisition.

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