Sales Hiring Mistakes Will Cost 3X's the Sales Position's Annual Pay.

That is $100-$300K for one Bad Hire.

We have helped 1,000’s of companies build championship sales teams and we want to teach you how.

Hire Salespeople that not only CAN sell, but WILL sell.

Here’s What Normally Happens:

Change the Way You Identify and Attract Sales Candidates
Change your sales recruiting and change the way you identify, attract, screen, interview, hire and onboard new Sales, Sales Managers and Sales Leaders.

Sales Development Expert will transform the way you hire sales and teach you everything the sales recruiting firms don’t want you to know.

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THANK YOU! You are a superstar, great overview and dive. I love the follow up meeting idea for a few weeks from now! I set a reminder for around May 1 to ping you, and keep me honest. Again, I really appreciate you and am always impressed with you and the assessment. It really is helping as a tool!
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner| Zones, LLC
We needed a new model; I was tired of reading non-sales specific assessments of people that can't sell.
Jake Carroll
Osprey Strategic Research
Just conducted my first in -person interview with a copy of the OMG candidate’s assessment in my hand and asked him all the recommended questions. It was so cool to see him making the predicted answers to the questions it recommended to ask. This is such a valuable tool!!
Josh Swanson
Fair Quick Offer
I believe your sales hiring system has done a valuable job to date of paring down and qualifying the total submissions to a manageable number.
Mike Valenti
Regional Sales Manager
Rocky LaGrone
Our Sales Development Expert