Sales Recruiting

Sales Recruiting is similar to building a World Class Champion Team. A players won’t tolerate B players, and B players don’t like working with A players. Build a championship sales team by hiring ONLY A players.

The traditional hiring process for sales recruiting is broken. Here’s what normally happens.

So what to do to hire Sales Staff that not only can sell, but WILL SELL? And a Sales Manager that not only can coach but WILL COACH grow the team, hold everyone accountable and lead?

Change your sales recruiting and change the way you identify, attract, screen, interview, hire and onboard new Sales Staff and Sales Managers.

Sales recruiting firms are paid to send you candidates they hope you hire. In most cases those candidates are no different that what you already have on the team and that doesn’t necessarily raise the bar. Sales Recruiters only address Steps 1 & 2 above. That does not fix the problem. Sales Recruiting firms are not Sales Experts.

Sales Development Expert will transform the way you hire sales staff and teach you everything the sales recruiting firms don’t want you to know.

Find out if your sales hiring process is broken: Tool – Recruiting Process Grader.

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