Every company, sales team, sales force, and organization is unique and there is no one size fits all. We always start with a deep dive and a Sales Force Analysis. This gives us and you, the intelligence you need to make the best decisions to grow revenue.

The benefits of Sales Training are increase revenue, company growth, personal and professional development. You can’t grow professionally and not grow personally.

Identifying the right areas of focus, is primary. Providing a safe environment for people to try new things and learn from their lack of success in role plays is extremely important and of course you must be able to provide the fundamentals, the principles, the concepts in an entertaining way that promotes acceptance for change internally. In other words you first have to teach one to think differently then the rest will happen with greater ease.

We believe the top 4 Sales Management Functions are: Coaching, Motivating, Growing the Team and Recruiting.
The best sales process is one that works. It should take into account a milestone centric process that can be transferred to everyone on the team. It should naturally disqualify the prospects from the suspects. It should be specific to the service offerings of the seller. And finally it should produce reliable pipelines.

Simplistically, the role of sales training is to educate the sales team on how to perform at a higher level. Many times it becomes the trap to cause the right conversations on a more regular basis. Training is a process and not an event. We believe many small changes over a long period of time is more effective and produces more equity from training.

First you have to know what you are training for. Not everyone shows up with the same strengths or weaknesses and canned off the shelf programs don’t have equity. We find most organizations are working on the wrong end of the problem. You can teach and train all day long but if you don’t teach them how to think first, the rest is just words. Scripts, techniques, and false enthusiasm don’t work. An effective Sales Development program consists of teaching the way salespeople learn. There should be a strong element of concept, foundation principles, and fundamentals that can be modified based on the individual style. Of course there should be a lot of role play and practical application. Change is hard and there should be a safe environment to practice, learn and practice some more. It should be fun, entertaining and educational.

We know for a fact 78% of all salespeople should not be in sales. That doesn’t change the need to develop, but development should come with a strong element of accountability. Only 6% of salespeople are elite and the remainder are pretty good. Sales Development should focus on systems and processes that produce results.