Here is the problem: Pipelines are full but not enough is closing.

One Company Leader says: They need negotiation skill training.

Dif. Co. Leader says: No we need closing skills training.

Someone else says: We need to hire better.

Enablement says: Let’s see what tools we can find.

Director says: NO we need process training.

EVP says: NOO we need to hire better.

H/R and Recruiting say: We need better onboarding.

CEO says: We need SM’s to just hold people accountable.

Everyone jockeys for the position then the meeting ends and nothing gets done because of the confusion. Finally, in another meeting next quarter and under pressure to please the board and do something, do anything, just do something to show we are working on it, someone wins. The company pays tens of thousands to a training/consulting company for whoever won at the board room table and 6 months later nothing changes. Everyone scratches their head and says… we tried, there is always next year. Again, nothing changes.

I’m calling BS on all the suggestions. How does anyone know what to do unless they identify the cause?

Need a crystal ball or Quija Board? We got it! Want me to prove it?

Here’s why no one has the right answer. They don’t have Sales Science, The largest Sales Data Bank in the WORLD, and Experience to interpret Sales Science and Data. The latter is the KEY.

There could be 180 unique causes for Salespeople underperforming, and another 180 unique causes for SMs underperforming. 90 Causes for Sales Leaders not focusing on what must change and if you exponentially multiply those combinations you get a bazillion + reasons/causes why pipelines are full and Sales aren’t selling, SMs are managing, Directors and VPs aren’t leading, and why H/R, Talent, and Enablement are focused on the problem, NOT the cause.

Deep breath here… I can tell you the exact cause based on every single one of the bazillion reasons/causes. Want me to prove it? Call me and I will.

This is what makes sales so complicated. We can unpack, unwrap, dig down, look under the hood, perform an MRI, and diagnose specifically what will move the needle.

Think of taking your car to AutoZone and plugging in the gadget to specifically diagnose exactly, specifically, and without a doubt, what needs to be repaired, fixed, replaced, and/or refurbished.

Let’s get this puppy fixed!!!!

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Author: Rocky LaGrone

Rocky LaGrone is a seasoned sales development expert with over 25 years in sales development and training working with well over 1,000 companies of all sizes in various industries.

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