I’m stuck. My manager says ‘sell’ but the developers can’t keep deadlines. How can I sell when they can’t complete what we sell now?

This is a common challenge. Here are some questions that come to mind. How long has it been this way? What has management done to fix the problem? What is the normal turnaround time? How does that compare to your competitors?

DELETE the ABOVE! Look at the real problem. You’re not gonna like this but, the problem is between your ears! For some reason you’ve mistaken your role in the company. You’ve given merit to the inner sanctum BS of what, why and how much the developers do or don’t do.

You were hired for SALES! Sales is introductions, relationships, finding companies/people who need your stuff. You’re not management. You don’t run the developers.

STOP making excuses. Get more appointments, get $ upfront, get contracts and the company will have more to invest in internal resources.

If you don’t believe in your company, how can you expect your prospects to believe? Stop spending your grey matter on things you can’t control. Focus on being the best salesperson you can. If you can’t, resign and find something you believe in soooooo much, the conviction exudes from your pours. Or get out of sales and stop giving real salespeople a bad wrap.

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Author: Rocky LaGrone

Rocky LaGrone is a seasoned sales development expert with over 25 years in sales development and training working with well over 1,000 companies of all sizes in various industries.

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