Sell Like a Dentist

Sell Like a Dentist

When your prospect feels comfortable, your Sales Process will succeed!


Those of you who’ve been around for a while remember:  As a kid you only went to the dentist once a year.  Well there is a lot to be learned from a dentist and not just about hygiene. 

Disclaimer:  For all of you who are related to dentist please, I mean no offense.  And for the rare dentist who might actually be reading my blog…I really mean no offense and please don’t take this literally…well not all of it of course.

About age 17 ( you figure it out) I was told I had to start going to the dentist at least twice a year.  Ok I guess so. NOT.  Right after that, I had my wisdom teeth removed in the chair and it was the worst experience of my life (up to that point).   I had trouble taking their advice.  So many years went on and I avoided the dentist. I finally gave in went back, had one crown put in and the rest are my pearly whites.  No other cavities Mom!

I just returned from the dentist for the second time in a year and I’m a bit older and can handle more torture than before and in a different way.  I place my mind on something I’m doing and here is the result – Sell Like a Dentist.

  • She washes her hands in front of me – Subtle Behavior …to make me comfortable.
  • She ask about my family – more of the same.
  • She ask about me – Now you’re talkin’.
  • Oops quickly changes to her kids and grandkids – lost me time- to think about work.
  • She has no idea I’m thinking relax it’s not that bad but my body wants to jump out of itself.
  • She now tells me what she’s going to do and about how long it will take – Wow that’s not so bad.  I think we call that Covenants.
  • Now the Christmas bag of Nut Cracker Pics come out. Here goes, OPEN WIDE – Now we’re getting more uncomfortable with the experience not the person. – Is that PAIN?
  • The digging and prodding continue – Questions, Questions, Questions.
  • Wait there’s something there…Better get a different tool.  – Different situations call for different tactics. We call that Strategy.
  • Now the drill and polish! –  I think we can help you get better….
  • Wait though, the ‘Expert Will Inspect’.  – Is that a Review?  A double-check to see if there is anything else we have they need?
  • More picking at the pain to masterfully reveal – Yes I have pain and I want it fixed! NOW!  Or – Nothing there…move on.

Thankfully the bloody bib is removed, the interrogation lights are removed and it’s back to your normal world!

“Oh yeah before you leave, schedule another pleasant visit in the next 6 months.  Otherwise I will take an extra three months.”

Moral of the story – Double your business by educating your potential clients they need you more and more often.  Not by feature and benefit, not by mass media education, not by expensive and redundant marketing ploys… double your business by one on one face time with sincerity!

With Sales Development Expert, we can help sales people increase the effectiveness of their Sales Process, and Sales Leaders grow their business with our online training program.

Remember, when you make the client feel informed and at ease, a painful moment can be turned into profit!

Good Selling,

Rocky LaGrone

CEO and Head Coach of Sales Development Expert

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Author: Rocky LaGrone

Rocky LaGrone is a seasoned sales development expert with over 25 years in sales development and training working with well over 1,000 companies of all sizes in various industries.

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