Sales Hiring Tip #1: Identifying Your Ideal Candidate

Identifying your Ideal Candidate 

It’s really important to first identify what you need in a salesperson. Here are a few of many?

  •             Who are they selling to?
  •             Where does the sales take place?
  •             What skills are necessary to execute in that environment?
  •             What is the sales cycle?
  •             How will you manage them?
  •             Will they produce their own leads?
  •             Should they Hunt, Manage Accounts, or a combination?

Of course, there are more factors to consider. The above is just a few of the 30+ we believe are necessary.

Dream big my friend!

Great salespeople are out there you just have to attract them. Stay tuned for our next Sales tip on Attracting great salespeople.

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Author: Rocky LaGrone

Rocky LaGrone is a seasoned sales development expert with over 25 years in sales development and training working with well over 1,000 companies of all sizes in various industries.

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