Sales Candidate Assessment Tools – Apples vs. Hamburger Meat

Objective Management Group (OMG) provides the #1 Sales Candidate Assessment in the world.  I’m proud to say I’ve been affiliated with OMG since 1995.  (21 Years for those of you bad at math)  The Candidate Assessment will give you 100 + unique  findings about each of your candidates and will absolutely tell you not only if the candidate can sell but WILL they sell.  We tell you: WILL they sell in your environment, to your clients, in your markets, with your management, at your price points with your sales process, and at what point in the future should you expect a 5X’s return on your investment when you hire them.

When you use the OMG Candidate Assessment on your current team to validate what you think you know about your sales individuals, you are asking the wrong question.  What you want to know is if the OMG Candidate Assessment will accurately predict future hires.  What you find out instead is if your current top performers have incentive to change.  That does not validate our assessment. We have over 1MM sales people in our data base and we have been validated by 3rd party PhD’s.  We founded and pioneered the Sales Assessment business 27 years ago.   Take the Free Trial.

The right question about new hires should be:  Will my new hires be successful selling in my environment, to my clients, in my markets, with my prices, and my management systems and process, against my competition in my sales cycle.

When you hire sales staff the incentive to change is paramount! Without incentive to change a new hire will not be able to rapidly progress though your learning curve. It’s extremely important for a new hire to learn:  your products and their differentiating value, your clients, their territory or vertical, your internal systems and processes, your CRM, and your unique sales process.  When there is a lack of Desire and/or Commitment this WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Two of the most crucial findings in the OMG Candidate Assessment are Desire and Commitment.  We define Desire as passion to sell, like the 6 year old who can’t wait to get up on Christmas morning and open presents. Commitment is defined as willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed in sales as long as it is moral and ethical. Commitment and Desire are also the foundation for incentive to change.

When a company uses the OMG Candidate Assessment we answer the question: WILL they sell in your environment, to your clients, in your markets, with your management?  3rd party studies show 92% of all hired candidates that were recommended by OMG are with the company and in the top half of producers in the company 12 months later. 75% of all candidates hired against the OMG recommendation don’t make it past 6 months.  The odds are in your favor to follow our recommendation.

Top performers are already doing well and don’t see the need to do anything any different. I mean really, they are top performers and they are getting the sales reports with their name at the top, they are getting accolades and awards from management, and they are getting lots of great feedback from their clients. Why would they see a need to change? They wouldn’t. They have no incentive to change and based on their current conditions they shouldn’t! In other words when they complete the Candidate Assessment, the findings often reveal a lack of Desire and/or Commitment.  Therefore, with OMG’s testing standards, they are Not Recommended for hire. This causes the client to draw the inaccurate conclusion that the OMG Candidate Assessment is not valid.  It sounds like this, “ Your report told me I should not have hired my best salesperson! Your test is not valid”

When we use the OMG Sales Person Evaluation in connection with the Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis we are measuring the incentive to change and how much will each individual grow from training. We are not measuring if you should continue in the hiring process with a current employee.

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Author: Rocky LaGrone

Rocky LaGrone is a seasoned sales development expert with over 25 years in sales development and training working with well over 1,000 companies of all sizes in various industries.

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