Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect


Question: Do you have any sure fire closing techniques?

Answer: Yes, plenty.

I was warming up at a skeet shooting event when one of the national pro’s came over to the range, shot three volleys, then gathered his equipment and began to stroll off.  I looked at him (impressed of course) and asked, “Aren’t you going to practice more before the big event?’ He looked at me and said… “LaGrone you won’t find perfection before the match, if you didn’t ‘own it’ before you got here.”

Everybody wants a magic bullet. The only magic in sales is Practice, Practice, Practice! ‘Practice makes perfect’, right?  I have to call B.S. on that one too. Perfect practice makes perfect.  Practice without purpose makes B.S.

What is your Achievement Score?

Here is a better Question:  What should I practice to become GREAT at sales?

Answer: Practice being in a hostile environment.  Practice asking questions that make you uncomfortable.  Practice setting up the first few minutes of a sales call so that you take gentle control.  Practice getting decisions even if they are no.  Practice when there is NO money on the table.  Practice your tone variation.  Practice mirroring and matching your spouse’s friends behavior and mannerisms.  Practice making cold calls on non-prospects. Practice getting out of your comfort zone.  Practice role playing tougher than life situations and it’s easy once you get there.

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Good Selling,

Rocky LaGrone, Head Coach and CEO

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