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Being in the Sales Development space for over 25 years I’ve seen just about everything you might imagine. The discussion often comes up about what makes training work and what causes sales people and sales managers to grow? Additionally I’ often asked: What are the two most critical elements a sales candidate brings to the table?

Training is about change. Whether we are talking about pilot training, potty training, on the job training, computer training or sales training. Successful training means you have to start doing something you are not doing or you have to stop dong something you are doing that is not effective. Change is hard! As humans we would prefer to continue doing the same as we do today for the rest of our lives.

When it comes to training there MUST be incentive to change. The individual must have incentive. Without incentive, change cannot be expected. The two pillars of incentive are Desire and Commitment.

Desire is passion for success, and Commitment is willingness to do whatever it takes to get there as long as it’s moral and ethical.   If you think you know what these two look like, think again. Here is a link to a story that will help you see the kind of Desire and Commitment we measure before we ever begin a sales development initiative. STOP,click on the link read the short message and watch the short video before you continue. We also accurately and definitively measure this for Sales and Sales Management Candidates.

I’m sure you agree, this is an amazing story and I was fortunate enough to sponsor this outstanding young lady.

Before you begin any sales development initiative you need to know how much each individual will grow and what it will take to make that happen. Based on their Desire, Commitment, Strengths, Weaknesses, Skills, and Challenges we can tell what realistic expectations are. Click here if you’d like to learn more about that.

These two pillars are even more critical for new hires. A new hire must get through your learning curve quickly. The need to learn; your internal systems and processes, your products and services, your differentiating value, your customers, your typical prospects, your market place, and your sales systems and tools is imperative. With a lack of Desire and/or Commitment the new hire will not get through the necessary learning cure in a timely manner and they will fail to produce.

Our data based in Sales Science show’s the 92% of all Candidates that are recommended are with the company 12 months later and in the top half of the sales team. The candidates that are hired against our recommendation don’t make it past six months 75% of the time.

If you are hiring sales staff in the next 12 months you should take some time and register for our upcoming webinar and learn how Desire and Commitment impact ramp up, on-boarding and Salesperson Return on Investment.

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Author: Rocky LaGrone

Rocky LaGrone is a seasoned sales development expert with over 25 years in sales development and training working with well over 1,000 companies of all sizes in various industries.

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