1st Quarter Lock Down = Sales

Remote selling is what we’ve been measuring, teaching and doing since 2008. So, it’s nothing new for Sales Development Expert. It’s more efficient. It’s more effective. It’s more cost effective. It’s more profitable. But it’s still new for many organizations. It’s also here to stay long after lockdowns are forgotten. Let’s embrace it. Let’s leverage it. Let’s seize the moment and the glory of champions!

Think about it. Typical outside sales may have 5-10 face to face meeting a week pre-pandemic. Today you can have twice that and maybe more. Sure, there are more challenges that require more calls and attempts, more obstacles to reach the right person and more competition calling the same prospects, clients and customers. But that is what great salespeople do.

It requires more effective time management. Calling when prospects are typically there and available is critical to success. Being memorable is also important. You must have a strong elevator statement identifying problems you solve and separating yourself from the competition. You must provide more value and you must be able to build trust quickly. You must ask great questions and differentiate yourself form everyone else. You must slow down an already too fast sales process. Don’t rush it. When people have something important to say they don’t speed through it. Listening is equally paramount.

Of course, new sales technology is required. No one wants to see your bedroom. No one wants to see your closet, hear the toilet flush, deal with yapping dogs, crying babies, yelling teenagers, or get a sneak peek at your spouse or roomies in the background. Get proficient with whatever meeting platform is required. Be able to give simple directions to your prospects who need a little help navigating the platform.  The early days of t-shirts, sweats, and informal dress are over. Look sharp, get your lighting right, adjust the angle of your camera. No nostril shots, cutting off foreheads, no couch potatoes, and no zoom shots where we can count the pores in your skin. It’s time to be professional just as if you were in the prospect’s office.

Self-discipline is paramount, as well. Yes, you must make more calls. And then make some more calls. You must make more calls than ever before. But hey, you do not have to get to the airport, deal with delays, sit next to smelly people, listen to others who invade your personal air space and bubble. You don’t have to sit in traffic, stand in lines, show up to ghosted meetings live and waste thousands of hours each year! You have more time than ever. Use it wisely.

You must set your schedule and adhere to it. Distractions must be kept to a minimum. Focus when it’s time to focus and take a break when it’s time. You know when you are not doing what you are supposed to do. STOP IT! Focus and become a STAR!

Change is forced opportunity. Will you answer the call?

Rocky LaGrone

Sales Development Expert – CEO

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Author: Rocky LaGrone

Rocky LaGrone is a seasoned sales development expert with over 25 years in sales development and training working with well over 1,000 companies of all sizes in various industries.

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