Learn the Proven Strategies to Build Your Next Gen Leaders
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Millenials Matter will provide you with coaching inspiration and practical action steps to harness the strengths of your millenial leaders so they become one of your biggest business assets and a testimony to your leadership legacy.


A Guidebook for Leadership LegacyDanita Bye has woven together diverse strands of wisdom in this practical, well-organized, and useful book.”

Inspirational, Informative and Essential...The strategies here bridge any gaps and dignify the strengths of Millennials…this book is a must-read.”

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  • Identify and tackle real millennial challenges
  • Tap into the millenial strenghts and talents.
  • Develop capable next-gen leaders of character.
  • Build a bench of engaged & focused team players.
  • Leverage millenials’ skills and grow your business.
  • Set the stage for your business transition.
  • Leave a legacy of wisdom and strength.


Millennials Matter is packed with tips for connecting with, mentoring, and developing the leaders of the future. For seasoned leaders, there is no greater joy than mentoring a first time manager. Why? Because mentor and mentee learn so much from each other in the process! Danita Bye has written a fabulous guidebook for leaders in every generation. Read it and make a connection!”

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager and Lead Like Jesus Revisited

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Very few millenials have the leadership and sales acumen to fuel business growth and transition.

A Millenial Matters survey revealed:

  • 60% of CEO’s and Presidents have concerns of how to work with this generation
  • 45% have concerns about the depth of character
  • 34% have concerns in their confidence
  • 21% about their collaboration


SPECIAL NOTE: 10% of the profits will go to the Convoy of Hope initiative to help feed malnourished children.