Sales Hiring Mistakes Cost an Average of 3X’s Annual Pay.

The S.T.A.R. Program is YOUR solution to reducing the high costs and losses associated with hiring underachievers and sales imposters.

The Program Provides Access to:
  • A Step-by-Step Sales Specific 142-page Hiring MANUAL

  • 6 – Part Webinar Series On-Demand

  • Unique Role Specification

  • Our Candidate Analyzer

  • Our Candidate Simulator

  • Full On-Boarding / Coaching Reports for All Hires

  • Our Guarantee

  • Phone and E-mail Support

A 13 Step Sales Specific Hiring System

Module 1 – Why Are Salespeople Different

Module 2 – Why Salespeople Struggle in Your Business

Module 3 – What to Look for in a Successful Salesperson

Module 4 – Find and Attract Salespeople that will Succeed

Module 5 – How to Use Automation to Save Time

Module 6 – How to Use a Sales Pre-Employment Assessment

Module 7 – How to Use the information on a Resume

Module 8 – Phone Interviews – Qualify Candidates in 5 Minutes

Module 9 – The Interview – What to Look for and Be Sure

Module 10 – Compensation, Documentation and the Job Offer

Module 11 – The Final Interview

Module 12 – The First 90 Days – Managing a New Salesperson

Module 13 – Who Does What?

It's Time to End Your Sales Hiring Mistakes

So whether you are hiring your first STAR or building out you World Class Sales Team, we have an option for you. 

S.T.A.R. Program License Options

S.T.A.R. Program has multiple licensing options from 1,2 & 3 hires to customized solutions.

License Deliverables

I. S.T.A.R. (Sales Talent Acquisition Routine) – Modules 1-12 will transfer a sales specific hiring system. 178 page Sales Hiring Specific Manual (See below for outline)

II. Unlimited Candidate Assessment License for Term– This Agreement is based on the number of hires, not the number of test used.

III. Unique Role Specification – identify what you believe a salesperson must do in your business to be successful. Your candidates will answer similar questions so that, in addition to our proven criteria for what will make a salesperson successful in general, we can further determine whether your candidates will succeed in your specific business by learning whether they are compatible and whether they are capable of succeeding in your “ideal” selling environment. Remember, don’t tell us how it is, tell us how you would like it to be under ideal circumstances.

IV. Onboarding and Coaching Reports for All Hires Under this Agreement – Included in this agreement are free upgrades for all hires. This means each hired candidate in this agreement will be automatically upgraded to a full Sales Evaluation. This report should be used as a guide for the manager and newly hired sales person to shorten ramp up and quickly focus on the areas for improvement.

V. Candidate Analyzer – This is a holding tank for all tested Candidates. This tool allows you to keep all your candidates in one place for easy organization. You can easily compare candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, skills, and challenges.

VI. Guarantee –  This guarantee applies to all OMG Candidate Assessment licenses purchased through Sales Development Expert · Hired candidate must have been Recommended by OMG Candidate Assessment. · Claims must be submitted through the Sales Development Expert. · OMG must receive the claim within 6 months of the candidate’s hiring date. · Your license must still be active (renewed if necessary) at the time the claim is submitted. · If your license was deactivated before its expiration date because you filled all positions, it will be reactivated and its expiration will be extended by the amount of time the licenses was inactive.

VII. Phone Support – Sales Development Expert will support designated Hiring Manager(s) and internal employees in the hiring process as long as the agreement is in good standing. Call anytime for personalized support.

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