Sales Hiring Tip #8: Sales Resumes and Disruptive Cognitive Attributes

If you missed out on our previous posts, first check out Sales Tips #1, #2,  #3,  #4 , #5 , #6 & #7 Sales Resumes are like vacuum cleaners, they suck!  Usually they are nothing more than a candidate brochure written by a computer program or a 3rd party who doesn’t even know the candidate. It’s not what’s on the resume that is…

Sales Process Improvement: Target Market, Needs, Business Credibility

The sales process can make or break a business’s success. This is why it’s necessary to continue improving it to keep up with the market’s changing trends. To do this, there are several factors you need to consider, three of which are your target market, their needs, and your credibility as a business. Making sure that these three are in line will enable you to come up with a better and stronger sales process.

Sales Leadership Training: A Way to Reach the Hearts of More Customers

Has your sales been going down? Is your sales team having difficulty working well together? Are customers starting to look elsewhere? If you answered yes to all these, then it’s probably time for sales leadership training. The sales process of your business is crucial to its success. Without proper planning and execution, you will have problems getting more customers, which can lead to stagnant sales. To avoid these, you need to beef up the skills of people working behind this process. Training can be the first step in regaining the trust of your customers and winning their hearts once again.